AN Hose Fittings: An Introduction

Take a look under the hood of your vehicle at the engine, and you will find an array of hoses and hose connections, but what's put in place by the manufacturer of your automobile may have room for improvement. AN hose fittings are a good example of an aftermarket part that can do your engine a whole lot of good when properly installed. Take a look at some of the most common curiosities about these fittings and the answers you should know. 

What engine applications can be improved by AN hose fittings?

These hose fittings can be found on several different parts of the engine, and because the fittings are versatile and available in different sizes, you can usually get them custom fitted to a lot of parts and components. You may find AN hose fittings and hoses connected to things like fuel intake lines and compressors, or you might find the AN fittings connected to exhaust mechanisms or control systems. 

What are the advantages of AN hose fittings?

AN hose fittings are designed with a slightly flared base that allows an enlarged metal encapsulation over the connection. A lot of racing enthusiasts switch over to AN hoses and AN hose fittings because they give the motor a slightly elevated appearance. This is more aesthetically pleasing if you take strides to keep your overall engine looking sharp, but the fittings are also highly effective at combating gas and air leaks because of their shape and stature. The AN fittings:

  • Have a more secure fit than traditional connectors
  • Allow for expanded fuel flow directly from a fuel line for a power boost 
  • Are less prone to overheating and experiencing issues with breakdown or degradation 
  • Work much better than seal-on nipples or hose clamps that screw in place
  • Create a metal-to-metal seal that is more durable in the long run

Where can you find AN hose fittings?

AN hose fittings can often be found at auto parts stores, but some special fittings may have to be ordered or custom made by the manufacturer. You can usually pick up the fittings for a relatively inexpensive price if they are available at an auto parts dealer. 

Overall, getting familiar with AN hoses and AN hose fittings could be a good thing if you care about the function and appearance of your vehicle's motor. Reach out to a company like Yearwood Performance Center to find out more about these fittings and more.