What Is A Remanufactured Engine And What Are The Benefits?

If you have an older vehicle that requires a brand new engine, then you do have some options when it comes to your repair. Your options include the purchase of a remanufactured engine, and most auto repair businesses will offer you this choice during the repair process. If you are concerned about choosing a remanufactured engine, keep reading to learn what it is and to also understand the benefits.

What Is A Remanufactured Engine?

A remanufactured engine is a lot like a refurbished electronic appliance. It is basically a rebuilt part that is repaired with the use of OEM or original auto parts. The process is meant to restore the part to one that is as good as a new one. When it comes to an engine, this means that all wearable parts, like the seals, are removed and replaced. Also, the engine is examined for any alterations or changes in parts that may change the specifications of the engine. These parts are then machined or replaced so they meet the manufacturer's standards.

The entire remanufacturing process can take some time, so if you plan to have the engine in your car remanufactured, then you should expect to be without a vehicle for at least a month or two. However, if you are purchasing a remanufactured engine, then one can be bought directly from the manufacturer and can be placed into your vehicle within about two weeks. 

The repair and your options will depend on the condition of your engine and the repairs that are required.

What Are The Benefits Of A Remanufactured Engine?

The main benefit to a remanufactured engine over a new one is the reduction in cost. A brand new engine can cost as much as $10,000, but a remanufactured one will cost about half as much. The remanufactured one is similar and almost identical to a new engine, and you can be sure that a technician has examined every piece and part of the engine before it is returned to you.

While a remanufactured engine is cheaper than a new one, it will cost more than a rebuilt engine. However, remanufactured engines can last twice as long as a rebuilt one, and you will often be provided with a long-term warranty of a year or longer when opting for a remanufactured part.

If you want to know about engine repairs and whether a new or remanufactured engine is best for your situation, speak with an automotive expert.