Older Ford Truck Diesel Engines Powerstroke 6.0? 3 Types of Problems You May Have With It

If you have an older Ford truck with a diesel Powerstroke 6.0, the Powerstroke may start having problems due to its age. To help you, below are three types of problems so you can determine if you need to call a mechanic.

1. Problems with Diesel Injectors

The diesel injectors in a diesel engine Powerstroke drives the diesel fuel inside a cylinder. Once the fuel reaches this area, the fuel oxidizes and ignites. This will start the diesel engine.

If there is a problem with the Powerstroke, then you will have problems with the engine starting. It would likely start eventually but will take longer than normal. If this happens, the diesel injectors inside the Powerstroke drive are worn out and degraded and have to be replaced.

2. Problems with Cooling

If you do not change your oil when you need to, the oil will start to degrade and get much thicker than it should be. The oil runs through the diesel engine Powerstroke. There is a type of coolant inside the Powerstroke. Once the dirty oil gets in, the coolant will not be able to keep the engine cool. Over time, the injectors will completely fail, or the high-pressure oil pump could also fail.

3. Problems with HEUI Injectors Sticking

Another type of problem you could have is with the HEUI (hydraulically actuated electronically controlled injector). These injectors need high-pressure oil to keep the fuel pressurized inside the Powerstroke's injection system. Once the oil is sent to the injection system, there is a pump that pressurizes the fuel, and then the fuel is injected into the HEUI-injection system. If there is a problem with this, your truck will break down completely.

4. Powerstroke 6.0 FICM Failure

The Powerstroke 6.0 FICM (fuel injection control module) is located inside the valve cover of the Powerstroke. This FICM will burn up over time because it is an electronic component. If your truck has this problem, the truck may not start at all. If the FICM is not completely burned out but is starting to do this, your truck may stall a lot. For example, when you stop at a red light, the truck may not move forward when you press the gas pedal. Your truck may also take much more time to start. A mechanic can easily test the FICM to see if it needs to be replaced.

Talk with a mechanic if you are having any of these problems. They will likely need to replace the Diesel Engines Powerstroke 6.0. To save you money, however, the mechanic may be able to rebuild the Powerstroke or purchase a Remanufactured Ford Diesel Engines powerstroke 6.0 for you.