3 Marine Maintenance Supplies To Keep On Your Pontoon

Built for stability on the water, lazy drifting days, and fun waterway excursions with multiple passengers, pontoons are easily one of the most popular boat choices on the market. If you have a pontoon boat of your own, you should consider yourself lucky—these boats tend to require the least amount of maintenance because the majority of the structure sits up and out of the water. However, there are a few good marine maintenance supplies that it is good to keep on deck just in case you need them when you are out on the water. Read More 

Pros & Cons Of Aftermarket Truck Suspension Lift Kits

There's something a bit more intimidating about a truck that stands up high off the ground, but not every pickup truck on the market comes with a high stance. Many truck owners choose to add an aftermarket truck suspension lift kit to give their truck that more souped-up look, but is this a good idea? Take a look at some of the pros and cons of installing an aftermarket lift kit on your truck. Read More 

Older Ford Truck Diesel Engines Powerstroke 6.0? 3 Types of Problems You May Have With It

If you have an older Ford truck with a diesel Powerstroke 6.0, the Powerstroke may start having problems due to its age. To help you, below are three types of problems so you can determine if you need to call a mechanic. 1. Problems with Diesel Injectors The diesel injectors in a diesel engine Powerstroke drives the diesel fuel inside a cylinder. Once the fuel reaches this area, the fuel oxidizes and ignites. Read More 

What Is A Remanufactured Engine And What Are The Benefits?

If you have an older vehicle that requires a brand new engine, then you do have some options when it comes to your repair. Your options include the purchase of a remanufactured engine, and most auto repair businesses will offer you this choice during the repair process. If you are concerned about choosing a remanufactured engine, keep reading to learn what it is and to also understand the benefits. What Is A Remanufactured Engine? Read More 

AN Hose Fittings: An Introduction

Take a look under the hood of your vehicle at the engine, and you will find an array of hoses and hose connections, but what's put in place by the manufacturer of your automobile may have room for improvement. AN hose fittings are a good example of an aftermarket part that can do your engine a whole lot of good when properly installed. Take a look at some of the most common curiosities about these fittings and the answers you should know. Read More